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Why Another Bible College?

Imagine two roads and you can only pick one. And for both, the path begins with your choice of bible college. 

Those who pick the first road pursue a degree in biblical studies – a very honorable degree. But, upon graduation, they find their troubles have just begun. The first thing they probably notice is they really don’t know how to share their faith with the lost – something you would think would be fundamental for a person trained to do God’s work. The next problem that pops its head is finances. They want to be a missionary, but they must raise their own support. It could take 5 years – while they work at a menial job to feed their family. They want to be a senior pastor or plant a church, but they don’t know the first thing about starting a business.

Those who pick the second road pursue a dual major in evangelism and business at WISE Bible College. Upon graduation they start the life they thought they should have after graduation. They know how to share their faith. As a matter of fact, sharing Jesus is second nature to them. They have their own business that makes enough money to support them and their family. They can start their ministry right away. They can join a church, they can start a church, they can become a missionary, they can become an evangelist. Whatever God laid on their heart that caused them to attend WISE Bible College is well within their grasp spiritually and financially the day they graduate.

The WISE BIble College is a new and unique solution to growing the Kingdom of God and to fight the full court press from the enemy. The intensity of the attack on Christianity and God’s people in today’s world requires a new intensity of education to get effective workers, effective leaders, into the field as fast as possible with every tool available to fight for the souls of humanity.

What we offer at WISE is not for the faint of heart. You WILL work. You WILL miss some nights of sleep. But, you also WILL be completely equipped to dominate in the roll God has laid on your heart. When you graduate from WISE you will know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are a tool that has been sharpened and placed in God’s tool belt ready for service.

Cutting Edge

WISE Bible College is a unique and cutting edge approach to building the future leaders of the body of Christ. Imagine graduating with a passion for the lost coupled with a second nature ability to talk to anyone about Jesus. Imagine graduating with your very own viable business that can take care of all your family's needs whilole you are able to walk right in to the ministry God has laid on your heart. No more will you need years to raise support.

We are in a new age in the world where the enemy is on a full court press to stop the church. We can no longer send future leaders out into the world to learn on the fly while they navigate the ins and outs of managing the most important business on the planet - the local church. While, at the same time, most new graduates of bible college wonder if they can even pay their bills. Neither of these are a concern to our graduates. 


Triple Mentorship Approach

One of the most exciting features of the WISE Bibe College is the triple mentor approach. 

Soul Winning Mentor.. You will pair up with an experienced soul winner. Watch them lead people to Christ over and over again until you can step into the role of personal evangelist.

Spiritual Mentor. Work with a spiritual mentor who will be your accountability buddy as you grow in your knowledge and love of Christ. They will guide you to a richer and deeper relationship with our Lord.

Business Mentor. When you settle on the business you want to create, you will pair up with a suceessful business entrepreneur who will mentor you all four years - they will guide you to a successful business of your own.

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