A Bible College dedicated to preparing YOU for YOUR God-given mission!

If you watch the news, you probably noticed the enemy has greatly increased attacks on the church, Christians, and morality. He is doing this throughout the world right now—on all fronts.

What can we do to fight this? Traditional approaches to “having church” just won’t work anymore.

We need church leadership and Kingdom leadership that is strong and assertive from the beginning, the moment they walk out of Bible College.

This is why we started WISE Bible College - A new and unique approach to training Kingdom leaders.

Single Purpose

WISE Bible College is completely designed with ONE PURPOSE: 
your transformational success in ministry.

From freshman orientation to the junior-senior evangelism crusade, we structured everything to move you to success.

From learning how to run a business to actually owning your own successful company, we planned everything to prepare you to lead a successful ministry.

WISE Bible College is a unique combination of a Spirit-filled environment that mixes ccollege courses with tech-school type hands-on experience. When you graduate, not only will you know the theory, you will have already “done it.”

Double Major

WISE Bible College was created to fill critical gaps in the preparation of Christian leaders.

Entrepreneurial Major. This allows our students to have a thriving business when they graduate—money is not a worry. Our students are also prepared to lead a ministry—leadership and business skills are honed.

Evangelism Major. One of the greatest gaps in the training of Christian leaders is in personal evangelism and true discipleship. You will be taught how to lovingly and effectively talk to others about Jesus and draw them closer to Him. Every week you will apply this out on the streets of Orlando.

Triple Mentorship

Elijah had a point in his life where he felt all alone. Today, 84% of pastors feel like that. They feel there is no one to turn to. At WISE Bible College we set you on a path that makes the loneliness a distant memory. Our Triple Mentorship is part of that.

Business Mentor. We work hand-in-hand with the Central Florida Christian Chamber of Commerce to team you with an entrepreneur to help you navigate the creation of your business.

Soul Winning Mentor. As a freshman, you will be paried with a sophomore who has already lead over 100 people to Christ.

Spiritual Mentor. We are working with Kingdom leaders around America to guide you through your spiritual walk in school.

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