Student Life

Pastor David S. Jacques

Our Host Pastor

WISE Bible College is a brand new college. August 2024 is our first semester. As such, we have a three phase growth plan.

Phase 1: In the first phase we will meet at...

     The Kingdom Church
     800 N. Pine Hills Rd
     Orlando, FL 32808

This phase will last 2-3 years. Since we are meeting at a church, we will have no dormatories or dining facilities. Therefore, we will only be accepting local students or students who havee a place to live in Orlando while they are in school.

Phase 2: In this phase we will move into our own facility, one already constructed. Hopefully this will have dorms and a cafateria. We shoukld be abe  to bring in students from around the country. This phase will, again, last 2-3 years

Phase 3: In this phasse we will build our own facilities to give the best environment for evangelim, business development, and student life.

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